Ep 2:30 Dealing with Disappointment Part II

March 16, 2021 00:38:04
The Professor Is In
Ep 2:30 Dealing with Disappointment Part II

Show Notes

This episode, recorded prior to the pandemic, continues our deep dive into coping with the inevitable disappointments of the academic life, whether it’s the job, or the grant, or the publication… or the whole career that just didn’t pan out. The second of a two-part series, it introduces tools 7-12 for managing disappointment in ways that academia never teaches us. The tools: 7) changing expectations from outcome to process; 8) Take a break 9) Get outside your head and do something for others 10) Find a small step forward 11) Build up self-esteem 12) Recover some energy by connecting with your support team.

Along the way Karen and Kel talk perspective, off-switches, bunnies and their blank, bulbous eyes, and combating perfectionism.


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