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The Professor Is In answers all your questions about the academic career. Dr. Karen Kelsky and productivity coach Kel Weinhold, with their trademark combination of candor, humor, and compassion (and a healthy dose of critique), tell you the truth about how the academy works, with strategies for reaching your goals while prioritizing your emotional well being. We go where others don't, breaking down the unspoken rules of academic culture, including all the ways it centers white folks and marginalizes everyone else. Our mission: whether you're in grad school, on the job market, on the tenure track, adjuncting, or deciding to leave the academy and do something else, we are here to support you with insights, advice, and real talk.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Ep 2:40 Resisting the Culture of Overwork

    An episode recorded pre-pandemic but even more relevant now.  Karen and Kel talk resisting overwork, and recovering your joy.  The key here is detachment from your work: neither misery nor joy; ...


  2. Ep 2:39 Blk+In Grad School: Grad School Success Summit

    We are delighted to bring back Allante Whitmore, PhD candidate in ...


  3. Ep. 2:38 This Summer: Be Kind To Yourself

    Summer is imminent… but, are you even ready? How to even think about it after the trauma of the past year or more? Karen and Kel talk about lightening your load, ...


  4. Ep 2:37 "My Dissertation Is About" and Other Grant-Writing Mistakes

      Grant-writing is a craft and it can be learned. The challenge is getting your head in the right space. Just like job applications, it’s not about your hopes, dreams, wishes, and ...


  5. Ep. 2:36 The Perils of Vocational Awe – An Interview with Fobazi Ettarh

    We are delighted to host Fobazi Ettarh, who first created the term “Vocational Awe” and has written extensively on its threats to the health and well being of librarians in particular and those employed in “calling” fields in general. Vocational awe refers to “the set of ideas, values, and ...